Quick redesign for the Mr Owen website

There’s something strangely satisfying about making a website all about diggers.

Rob loves his simple chunky site and we’re working on ensuring he gets found in Google for all the most important search terms. This was a simple case of knocking up a logo, chucking it on a suitable WordPress template and pulling some content together. Cheap and effective!
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We just threw a site together for Fire Island Cardiff

You can’t go wrong with a stripped-down, bone-white, dead-basic, done-in-a-day (too many hyphens?) website. Yes it needs a menu (Al, if you read this…mail me!) but otherwise it’s all there. Sweet and simple and oh so quick.
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QR codes: totally super or totally un-super?

QR codes are a creating a buzz in marketing circles at the moment. You can see why…in the eyes of clients, these things make their advertising sexy and youthful. They probably come from Japan and the kids over there are mad for them. Toyota used them. They’re interactive. They’re super digital and blocky like something out of the 80s…and the 80s are cool. They look cool on posters. THEY’RE COOL! They’re putting the web into print!! THIS COULD BE THE NEXT TWITTER!!! I GOTTA HAVE ME THOSE QR CODES NOW!!!!
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