If there is anything to be said for redundancy…

…there is the fact that it can inspire a certain degree of reflection and a concerted effort to reapply oneself to meaningful pursuits. If you’re Phil, those meaningful pursuits become part of Cardiff’s very fabric and help to make it a nicer place to live…as proven by his recent beardy Spillers Records t-shirt design and his greasy perv on a wall for Big Little City.

Spillers records

Greasy wall perv

‘Join us’ and the Golden tickets

Pirate Man produced the Cardiff Skateboard Club movie, ‘Join us’. It’s a unique production, that features Beverley Callard exercise videos and 80s television nonsense spliced with skateboarding from Cardiff and Leeds. It received some rave reviews and every hand-made copy sold out, meaning CSC branded classic album covers now take pride of place in homes around the country.
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