Crayon skateboards professional series

Another collaboration with Pete Fowler, but this one is far from his typical style. These graphics feature vector style portraits with the classic Crayon logo in a speech bubble. You can see the thought that’s gone into these when you build the deck into a complete skateboard…the graphics really work well with the wheels in place. Clean bright colours make these a stand out on the shelf, and the matching stickers are pure class.
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If there is anything to be said for redundancy…

…there is the fact that it can inspire a certain degree of reflection and a concerted effort to reapply oneself to meaningful pursuits. If you’re Phil, those meaningful pursuits become part of Cardiff’s very fabric and help to make it a nicer place to live…as proven by his recent beardy Spillers Records t-shirt design and his greasy perv on a wall for Big Little City.

Spillers records

Greasy wall perv

QR codes: totally super or totally un-super?

QR codes are a creating a buzz in marketing circles at the moment. You can see why…in the eyes of clients, these things make their advertising sexy and youthful. They probably come from Japan and the kids over there are mad for them. Toyota used them. They’re interactive. They’re super digital and blocky like something out of the 80s…and the 80s are cool. They look cool on posters. THEY’RE COOL! They’re putting the web into print!! THIS COULD BE THE NEXT TWITTER!!! I GOTTA HAVE ME THOSE QR CODES NOW!!!!
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Little big city

Supercreatives secret undercover gang members Dykey and Phil added some ultra niceness to the best little exhibition of Cardiff artiness there has ever damn well been. The Crayon graphics all make perfect sense when viewed alongside the other out-pourings of the Cardiff arts scene. Wales, and Cardiff, truly has its own identity…the psychedelic influence is something I love about this city and I hope it will never be lost.
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Nick the Bastard

Nick is the producer of legendary Cardiff scene video ‘Hologram’, which was ably supported from a motion graphics perspective by Huw Caddy. These days he can do the whole shebang himself, thanks to a spell in Cardiff’s Atrium creative arts college and a long series of lonely evenings spent locked in his bedroom staring at his computer.

Nick’s style is low-key but not lo-fi…as the subtle inclusion of the Crayon logo proves in this awesome edit for Crayon.
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‘Join us’ and the Golden tickets

Pirate Man produced the Cardiff Skateboard Club movie, ‘Join us’. It’s a unique production, that features Beverley Callard exercise videos and 80s television nonsense spliced with skateboarding from Cardiff and Leeds. It received some rave reviews and every hand-made copy sold out, meaning CSC branded classic album covers now take pride of place in homes around the country.
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City Surf Cardiff

City Surf wanted an online store.

The budget? LOW.

The timescale? SHORT.

The expectations? HIGH.

Who do you come to…why your close friends and allies at Cardiff Super Creatives of course.

We piled in headlong and delivered everything they wanted and more:

We gave them a blog, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, an email newsletter system and a new logo treatment for online media. We also spent time ensuring their SEO was taken care of and placed them ahead of all their rivals on local Google searches. Yes we can do that stuff too.

The guys at City Surf are still great friends, and we loved working with them. Maybe you could be next?

City Surf website