Facebook Studio feature for our work

The Facebook Studio Awards are Facebook’s own awards for the agencies and brands that are making best use of Facebook.

The Royal Mint facebook page
The Royal Mint facebook page

Members of Facebook’s Creative Council judge the awards against the following criteria:

  • Is the work social? Are people and social interactions at the core of the idea?
  • Does the work seize the creative opportunity of Facebook? Do your Page posts have killer copy and engaging photography? Are you creating content that makes the Facebook experience better?
  • Does it scale? Is it easy for people to interact with and share your content? Are you using Facebook marketing products to extend the reach of your message?
  • Did the work drive business results? Did you deepen relationships with customers, increase sales, drive word-of-mouth at scale?

I’m happy to report that our work for The Royal Mint is in the mix. This is the second award nomination we have received, as we’re also in the running for The Drum magazine’s Social Buzz Awards.

Go and check us out, and if you feel so kind why not lend us a ‘Like’.

Author: Jim O

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