Dumb and dumber…the pitfalls of writing content for consumption…

The internet is so fast moving that the ideas you have in the morning have withered and died if you haven’t done something with them by the afternoon. This brings with it an unavoidable sense of desperate, lurching, MUST FEED THE BEAST, urgency. There is no known cure for this accelerated life cycle, but it is important that you learn to select and promote the ideas that can survive on their own and avoid wasting time on the ideas that will die shortly after you breathe life into them.

Sadly, this brings with it a problem. The problem of how to select the good stuff.

I’m going to propose a formula:

Brilliantness of idea (B) divided by Timeliness of publication (T) multiplied by…erm…Qualityness…(Q)…equals…err…

Too late. I’m just going to hammer something out and hope for the best.

And here we get to the point of this post – there is no formula for perfect content. ‘Tone of Voice’ and brand personality are the primary considerations that every corporate blogger, brand marketer and general promoter of STUFF needs to get to grips with. If you are on top of your tone and you have developed your personality it’s EASY to hammer out content that has appeal, commentability and shareability BUILT IN.

So next time you find yourself desperately cutting and pasting together a Frankensteined blog post from the carcasses of old copy you found rotting in the depths of your C:drive…STOP. You’re better than that. Don’t dumb down your personality, don’t trade on rehashed versions of this morning’s hot news, and be something better than magnolia wallpaper.

Author: Jim O

Hi I'm Jim and I run SuperCreatives which is basically me tapping at a keyboard and sometimes talking to people and working on stuff that helps people sell, communicate or promote things online. If you need to sell, communicate or promote things online...get in touch!

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