Twitter bots can be done right – @AnOffside50p

When it comes to getting your message in people’s faces on Twitter, you have two options.

  1. Write awesome tweets and back them up with something of substance. This we will call the ‘quality’ model.
  2. An endless slog of targeting and sycophantic re-tweeting of influential accounts in order to get your message onto their radar. We will call this the ‘brown nose’ model.

Both have their flaws.

The first takes a lot of time and a lot of money. It can be worth it if you stand to gain anything from the process…but it’s a serious commitment.

The other is a bit of a gamble. By the time your quarry actually decides to do anything you wanted them to, there’s a good chance that your moment has passed or it will catch you unawares.

There is an alternative. That alternative is what we call the ‘volume’ model…and here bots can really help.

I hear your groans. Bots are spammy, unpleasant, bandwidth hogging bastions of pointlessness in an arena founded on pointlessness. How on earth can you make them work? Well…the answer is simple. The answer is humour.

We set up this bot to spread the word about the ‘Offside’ 50p. The coin is a humorous take on the offside rule, and has been internationally lauded for its cleverness.

Offside 50p

This bot takes the joke one step further, by giving the coin a character and a voice. That voice is deliberately simple, and appeals across generational and international boundaries of taste. The aim isn’t gathering followers, but generating exposure, retweets, and share of voice. Now…you literally cannot talk about ‘offside’ on Twitter without encountering the Offside 50p!

Don’t believe it can work?

Go see what people are saying about @AnOffside50p here

Author: Jim O

Hi I'm Jim and I run SuperCreatives which is basically me tapping at a keyboard and sometimes talking to people and working on stuff that helps people sell, communicate or promote things online. If you need to sell, communicate or promote things online...get in touch!