Kooki Two Bit t-shirt show, Buffalo Cardiff

This was a fun event and typical of the genuine efforts the Buffalo guys have been making to give art-geeks a place to mingle. Loads of Cardiff artists and designers submitted their designs for this show. Nearly all were hand crafted, drawn or painted directly onto tees. Really nice in this digital age to see who can wield a pen…and the pen is still mightier than the mouse in case you were wondering.

Godmachine channels William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones for this venture away from his usual Photoshop masterpieces.

Godmachine tee
His tee showed the skills he has aren’t just digital and he’ll be putting them to good use in his new studio in the coming months. We’ll be paying that a visit for sure, so watch this space. His other half, Alex, submitted a design for The Cult of Original Sin…sweeping Biba style 70s illustration on a raggedy tee.

There was a Cardiff Skateboard Club tee too…obviously it was skateboard themed. I have to admit to not knowing the stories behind the other entries…but there were some really amazing ones there. Check the footy and more photos below.

CSC tee

Tee from JustX, London.

Deconstructed tee, JustX

Tee from Alex, The Cult of Original Sin.

The Cult of Original Sin

Chris Kooki Two Bit‘s mad crows tee.


Author: Jim O

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